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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Beauty care tips

Take a look at your body. How to get rid off the wrinkle?

Lighting and Beauty

Beauty is all about light. We are constantly in search of glowing skin, sparkling eyes, and shiny hair. In fact, (as any movie star will tell you) much of what passes for external beauty is a carefully controlled mixture of reflection, absorption and shadow.
People with shiny, oily skin try to make it matte, absorbing light so pores also appear smaller. Powder is the most frequent remedy for shiny skin, and the finer the powder, the more likely your chances of applying it effectively. Cheap powders can cake, or may contain talc that irritates skin. Some foundations also claim to contain powder, to minimize shine, but I haven’t found a good one yet. I’ll let you know when I do!
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A Quality Lighted Magnification Mirror is Must-Have Beauty ItemPerfect makeup and brows begin with being able to see yourself in the right light. Many bathroom vanities are constructed with low-wattage or even dim fluorescent lights that don't show you what other people will see. Do you work in daylight, under office lights or with halogen lamps? All these things affect the color of your skin and makeup, the visibility of blemishes or facial hair, even the lines on your face or the circles under your eyes. If you're blessed with great light, terrific! But most of us aren't, and it makes a difference in your overall look.For plucking the perfect brow (or eradicating other unwanted facial hair), there's nothing more helpful than a mirror that magnifies. With magnification, you can grasp the unwanted hair with the right tweezers the first time. Add light to the mirror, and you can see everything up close; perfect for applying moisturizer, makeup, and tweezing.See our favorite selection of lighted magnification mirrors that will make you morning beauty regime much easier to do and see. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
As women age, our skin tends to dry out, so older women are often concerned with achieving a slightly shiny finish, which can be done with powders or foundations containing mica. Unfortunately, mica can also irritate skin or create sparkle (not glow), which is all right in the evening, by candlelight, but looks garish in broad daylight. Best of all in achieving glow without sparkle or grease, is finding the right moisturizer. A good moisturizer combines water with some sort of lipid, which helps skin absorb the water and hold onto it. The most popular lipids these days come from the all-powerful soybean plant.
Aside from using the right cosmetics, there are a few things you can do in regards to light to increase your outer beauty. First of all, pay attention to the light in your house. Your bathroom, or the room where you do your makeup should have strong, natural light. it plays hell with your ego, but you’re more likely to catch stray hairs or makeup mistakes before leaving the house, not after. Replace anything fluorescent with halogen track lights, use bright but soft-white bulbs in common areas, and make sure your reading lamp is bright but without glare, to prevent eyestrain.
If you’re going out for lunch and want to look your best, sit with the light behind you, and let the other person get the light in his or her face. You’ll get a halo, and your lunch partner will be temporarily blinded. Choose a shadowed spot over a bright window: it’ll keep the UV rays off your epidermis, defray crow’s feet for another month, and soften the focus.
Anytime you can opt for candlelight at dinner, do that. I can’t think of a person in the world who doesn’t look better by candlelight: its soft, flickering play softens features, tones uneven colors and hides a multitude of skin imperfections. (Why do you think the best restaurants are also the candlelit ones?)
You can’t give makeup for a gift (it would be like giving control-top panty hose), but you can give the gift of perfect light. When I’m not sure what to give someone, I always choose candles and candleholders. I’m of the firm opinion that you can never have too many candles, and you can make them fit any gift occasion by altering their number or composition. If you want to spend a hundred dollars on something great, you can buy beeswax pillars. If you have six bucks, you can get a nice scented candle in a glass holder. Last week, I bought some terrific, exotic sandalwood candles for a co-worker’s birthday present, and had enough money left to buy myself a bunch, too.
Light has another important role in beauty--the beauty that comes from feeling happy and healthy. Research on light has shown that the amount of light most of us experience from day to day is inadequate for keeping us healthy. You have probably heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), in which people experience profound depression during the winter time, when light grows scarce. In northern regions like Scandinavia, Canada and Siberia, depression is significantly greater than in sunny, southern lands. But there are ways to mediate the effects of short, northern, winter-time days. SAD has long been treated by having sufferers sit under full-spectrum lights that mimic sunlight. A short exposure to bright light in the morning increases energy, decreases appetite and makes us feel better.
The human brain needs light coming through the eyes in order to create and release optimal amounts of serotonin, an important chemical for brain functioning. Without enough serotonin, we become sleepy, slow and depressed. Our bodies don't metabolize the way they should, leading to weight gain. As research becomes more sophisticated, we begin to understand the importance of daily amounts of bright light for our mental and physical health.
Outdoor light, even on a rainy day, is approximately twenty times the amount of normal indoor light. Since most of us spend our days inside, the available light is drastically cut, resulting in depression, lethargy, and a craving for sweets that hits hard once or twice a day. It is possible to remediate the effects of inadequate light by purchasing a full-spectrum light, or by making an extra effort to get outside for an hour during the day.

Beauty and Health Benefits of Drinking Water - Filtered, Bottled, Tap or Distilled

Benefits of Drinking WaterWe all want smooth, soft, unblemished skin. But sometimes it seems like great skin is either something you’re born with or something you’ll never achieve. These days, the medical industry has created skin care treatments that are halfway between plastic surgery and serious cosmetics. You can have your skin sanded, chemically peeled, zapped with lasers, frozen or injected with Botox, the catchy hyphenated name for botulism toxin. You can spend thousands of dollars in a pretty short period of time to achieve results that may or may not be what you hoped for.
But one of the most wonderful skin care treatments is easily available to everyone, has side benefits that affects not just your rosy glow but your whole body, and is utterly painless to use. It’s called water, and you drink it.
Not coffee. I know, coffee has water. It also has an abundance of interesting chemicals including caffeine, which raises your heartbeat, exaggerates stress on the body and causes diuresis, or loss of hydration. All these things combine to make for ravaged, hag-like skin, which if that’s what you’re aiming for, is just fine. But those of us who want to hold off hagdom as long as possible have to face the facts: that cappuccino may taste good, but it’s going to increase under eye circles, make your kidneys work harder than they should, and can result in breakouts, flushing and blotchy skin.
The facts are these. Not Pepsi, not beer, not juice, not even tea can replace the magical, rejuvenating effects of that old classic, H2O.
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Filtered Shower Water Can Improve the Health of Your Skin and Hair Did you know that a shower could actually be damaging your hair and skin by causing excessive dryness. It isn't the the shower water that gives you that drying feeling after a hot shower, but the chlorine that is found in almost all city tap water sources. More recently, several shower filters have come out on the market that will filter out almost all the drying chlorine in your shower water leaving your skin refreshed and clean not dry an scaly.
See a shower filter that will rid your water of the drying effects of chorine. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
How much water should you drinkWith these thoughts in mind, I decided to actually drink the 8, 8-ounce glasses of water recommended by beauty experts and dermatologists alike. That’s four glasses in the morning, and four more after lunch, a doable goal. I filled my glass from the tap and took a drink. I tasted chlorine, chemicals, weird odiferous things that don’t smell like water should. City water stinks. This was going to be harder than I thought.
Bottled Drinking WaterI could buy bottled water, at a dollar a pint, at the grocery store. Let’s see, there are two cups in a pint, and I need to drink at least 8 cups per day. Four dollars a days sounds like a lot for water, don’t you think? Like I’m going to spend $120 a month on drinking water! And, then I’ll need to buy 28 bottles of water a week, and bring them home and store them. At this rate, I’ll never drink water again.
Tap Water Filters for Safe Drinking Water at HomeBut I went to my girlfriend’s house for dinner, and when she poured water into her fridge pitcher, I noticed a space-age contraption hanging off the tap. She said it’s called a water filter. (Click here to see this water filter), and you drink water with it. When I sipped my glass of water, I understood. No weird chemical smells, no salty-chlorinated creepiness, just clean, tasty water. This stuff I can drink!
She filled a gallon bottle for me, and I brought home a supply. The next day, I went online and checked out drinking water filters, finally choosing the Brita facet water filtration system for its quality and price. I read upon it a little first, and found that the Brita filter removes lead, asbestos, toluene and benzene, among a couple of dozen other impurities and really frightening chemicals.
And somehow, although your water is filtered of all sorts of horrible, cancer-causing agents, the Brita lets the fluoride remain, keeping your teeth strong.
I’m drinking my eight glasses a day now, and am already seeing the positive effects. I never realized how I avoided drinking water because it always tasted so bad, but now I like it—it tastes great!

Common Causes, Cures and Treatments of Insomnia

Everyone suffers from insomnia at some time: my friend Elizabeth used to revel in it, experiencing extended sleeplessness for weeks at a time. When she was a pre-teen, she thought insomnia was a normal part of life because for her, it was. Her family would go to bed around 10:30, at which time she would turn on the light (or sneak into the living-room) and read until 3 or 4 AM. Getting up in the morning was hard, because Elizabeth was only getting about four hours of sleep at a time.
In her early twenties, she made insomnia work for her by studying late at night. She took a tremendous load of courses, worked a couple of part-time jobs, dated heavily and still had hours and hours left over. About once a semester, usually at finals week, she'd break down entirely and get whatever flu was going around: it was her body's main strategy for getting some rest.
As Elizabeth got older and settled down, insomnia settled down too. Maybe it was having someone else to cuddle with, or maybe the anxieties of her youth diminished. Anyway, she has maybe three nights a month when she can't sleep, and gets up to read in the living-room.
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Discover How to Have a Peaceful Nights Sleep Do you have difficulty getting to sleep, wake frequently during the night and can't get back to sleep easily, or wake in the morning before the birds? If so, you're not alone. Literally millions of people from every corner of the globe suffer from some form of sleep disorder. But the good news is that thousands of people are now discovering that there is a natural cure for their problem.
Read how you can wake up refreshed from a full nights sleep by using simple natural techiques to relax your body. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Elizabeth was pretty lucky, though. She found ways to cope with her body's insistence on staying awake. But millions of people experience insomnia, and when you have a demanding job or a fussy baby, a night of not being able to sleep can feel tortuous. And once you're in your thirties, insomnia has a strongly negative affect on your looks (hence the term, "beauty sleep"). Undereye circles, blotchy skin and bleary eyes are only three of the drawbacks of insomnia.
Insomnia is caused by so many factors that you can have one reason or six, each one potent enough to keep a person awake. When I can't sleep, I consider the following possible causes:
Common cause of insomnia and sleep deprivation disorder
1. Caffeine. Some people get jittery after a single cup of coffee and others can drink gallons with no discernable effect. In some situations, drinking moderate amounts of caffeine (which includes tea and cola, by the way) seems to have no effect until you've been at it for several days in a row. If I can't sleep and don't have a pressing reason for anxiety, I think back over the past several days and unusually realize I've been hitting the iced tea by the gallon. Leaving it alone for a few days usually puts things right again.
2. Stress. If you're worried or tense, insomnia comes along as part of the package. You can try a couple of techniques to relieve your tension enough to get to sleep.
a. Promise yourself you'll deal with whatever it is the very first thing in the morning. If you're like me, putting off paying a bill or making an unpleasant phone call can worry at me until I can't sleep. Promising to solve the problem helps you to temporarily shelve it (but you'd better keep that promise, or you'll never trust yourself again!)
b. Setting aside a daily time for worry can help you contain it. Take ten minutes out of each day and worry like crazy. Make lists of the things you're agonizing over, then rate each item from 1-10 on a "likelihood of happening" scale. When you find yourself worrying at other times of the day or night, remind yourself that you'll worry tomorrow, at 3PM and set it aside.
c. Imagine yourself taking a bundle of worries and locking them inside a cabinet. Take your time and be thorough. They may try to wiggle away or sneak out, but gather them all together. You may decide to put rubber bands around them or have them sedated. You might want to tie them together and roll them up like a fire hose. Be as creative as you can when picturing your worries and the way you're going to handle them. Will you stow them in an iron-bound trunk? A cedar chest? A garage or barn? Visualize the type of lock you'll use and see yourself locking the door or cabinet. Sometimes, just elaborating on this exercise is enough to put yourself to sleep.
d. If nothing you try seems to work, consider visiting a therapist to help you learn more about reducing your anxiety. Medications have proven very effective.
4. Hormones. Insomnia can result from hormonal fluctuations. Keeping an insomnia diary can help you figure out if sleeplessness is linked to your menstrual cycle. Sleeplessness is also one of the symptoms of menopause. If you're generally content with the way your hormones are performing, you may choose to induce sleep by having an extra glass of wine at night, or a hot bath. If hormones are causing you real problems, try herbal remedies or go have a chat with your ob-gyn about the latest in the medical community's understanding about women's sexual health.
5. Sugar. Eating late snacks or desserts can cause insomnia as your blood sugar races around trying to find something to do. Replace sweets with sugar-free snacks and see if it helps. Eating a meal late at night can also cause insomnia, either because of the rise in blood sugar or because trying to sleep before your meal is fully assimilated can give you indigestion.
6. Exercise. Studies have shown that when people exercise later in the evening, they also tend to have a harder time getting to sleep.
7. Too much alcohol. If you drink a lot, sleeplessness occurs when the body rebounds from the depressant effect of alcohol on the central nervous system. This happens to chronic alcoholics, but also to people who don't usually drink much but make an exception at a bachelor party and have more than a couple. Typically, alcohol makes us sleepy, but as the alcohol is metabolized by the body, the change wakes us up. Too much sugar can work the same way in reverse, first making us high and lively, then sending the blood sugar into a crashing low. Sugar is often a major cause of sleeplessness in children. They get hopped up on popsicles and won't go down for a nap. When a grown-up tries to get them to nap anyway, the blood sugar crash comes along, and the result is a screeching, wailing, but exhausted child. Fun stuff, huh!
We've all seen the commercials for pain relievers and cold medicines with "sleep aids", which often consist of either decongestants or alcohol. There are also herbal remedies, usually containing chamomile, which is a sleep aid know world-wide since medieval times. Valerian root (
to see an example of a
.) smells stinky, even ground and in capsule form, but it's also effective and gentle. Of course, there are always pharmaceutical remedies for sleeplessness, but they should be last resorts, because they tend to be habit-forming and have other side effects.
If you don't have to go to work the next morning, insomnia can be pretty manageable. You might find that with punchiness comes creativity, so I wouldn't rule out getting out of bed to sketch, bake or plan next year's garden. Also, not having the stress of counting the hours until you have to get to work can often calm you down to the point of relaxation. If you're expected at work the next day, you could call in sick the night before. Then, if you can't get to sleep, you can stay home and rest the next day, and if you can get to sleep, you can show up the next day.

Deep Sea Skin and Bath Products: Beauty Benefits Salt, Mud and Minerals Found in this Natural Oasis

The Dead Sea has long been known as a health-promoting region, and there is nothing more essential to beauty than a healthy body and skin. The salt and minerals found in Dead Sea products create cosmetics and spa therapies unequalled by any other natural mineral sources. The Dead Sea contains fifteen times the magnesium found in ordinary sea water; magnesium helps the metabolism of skin cells, as well as being an anti-allergen. Other Dead Sea minerals include zinc, bromine, iodine and potassium.
Black Dead Sea mud enjoys a reputation of having been used by Kings and Queens of ancient times. Today, you can buy pure black Dead Sea mud by the kilo or pound to use as a mud body wrap, or in smaller packages for facial mud masks. There are also black mud soaps to remedy acne and other skin conditions.
Skin Care and the Dead Sea Mineral Mud MasksFor skin care, you can purchase mud and minerals in a mask that can unclog pores, smooth skin or act as a moisturizer in combination with essential and natural oils. There are also serums, moisturizers and acne medicines made from Dead Sea minerals. You can find exfoliating facial salts reported to kill the bacteria that cause acne. For a facial care regime, you may decide to buy a skin care set; soap, mask, toner, salts and lotion rich with Dead Sea minerals. Dead Sea shampoo and conditioner will keep your hair healthy and shiny; dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and other scalp conditions can be alleviated with specialized Dead Sea hair care products.
Anti Aging Properties of the Natural Salts and Minerals from the Dead SeaThere are a plethora of Dead Sea face care products, many of which feature anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing ingredients. The minerals present in the Dead Sea have properties that include creating and promoting healthy cell regeneration, skin permeability and elasticity, moisture-retention and protection from allergies and infections. In addition to the rich sea salts present in Dead Sea products, you may see ingredients like Vitamins A and B, soy protein and essential oils like chamomile. Eye creams, luxurious serums, moisturizers and masks can be used to renew and keep your skin's youthful glow.
If you like home-based spa treatments, you may prefer Dead Sea salt scrubs for body care and exfoliation. Bodywraps featuring added ingredients like shea butter for softening, and bath salts and massage oils complete your home spa cabinet of luxurious skin care items. Nail care, cuticle creams and manicure and pedicure lotions treat you to an invigorating, healthful glow. From head to foot, there are Dead Sea products that pamper your hair, nails and skin.
Healthy Natural Alternative to Products with ChemicalsDead Sea salt is enjoyed by many people as a healthy alternative to chemical-laden bath products, many of which contain added dyes, synthetic fragrances and even alcohols, which can be drying and irritating. Remember—your skin isn't just an envelope that keeps your body together—it's a permeable organ that absorbs and reacts to the things it comes in contact with! When you soak your body in Dead Sea salts, the unique and health-giving minerals of the Dead Sea wash your skin with the same minerals that bring well-being back to people who travel all the way to the region for spa therapy. You can buy Dead Sea bath salt products enriched with herbs like lemongrass and natural aromatics such as vanilla, coconut or lavender. Soybean protein additives also help strengthen, soothe and rejuvenate the skin.
Dead Sea salts are included in many cosmetics, so if you want to reap the benefits particular to Dead Sea minerals, make sure the products you purchase have those ingredients high up on the ingredient list: the closer to the top of the list, the higher the concentration of the minerals.

Skin Conditions that Dead Sea Salts, Mud and Minerals Products May Serve As Healthy Remedies

The minerals from Dead Sea mud have been used throughout history for the treatment of health conditions such as arthritis, acne, psoriasis and eczema, which affect the skin and immune systems of millions of people worldwide. The Dead Sea is 1200 feet below sea level; its unique geographic position creates a climate known nowhere else in the world. Although there are more than 300 sunny days each year and the average temperature is over ninety degrees, it is possible to sunbathe in the waters for hours at a time without the need for sunscreen. A special atmospheric layer covers the Dead Sea, protecting bathers from harmful rays while inundating them with beneficial minerals, comforting humidity and health-promoting warmth. The humidity is around 35%, and the oxygen content so far below sea level is extra-rich, creating an ideal situation for the treatment of asthma. The lack of pollens and other allergens gives great relief to allergy sufferers, too.
About Dead Sea Essential Salts and Natural MineralsThe salt content from the Dead Sea is around thirty percent—about ten times higher than that of ordinary seawater—and people who visit the area find that the high mineral content combined with a regimen of extended soaking and floating brings them renewal and relief from suffering. Because of the high density of salts in the Dead Sea, the buoyancy of the human body is increased so that visitors can float in the water with no effort at all.
There are strong concentrations of beneficial minerals in Dead Sea products, among them being 12 minerals that are simply not available in other sea-based products. Scientists believe it is these minerals, combined with the unparalleled environment of the Dead Sea region that help restore people to health. Long established as a therapeutic source, the Dead Sea region abounds in spas, treatment centers and hotels where visitors can bathe in public or private in the health-giving waters of the sea.
Since the Dead Sea is located in Israel, many people who would benefit from its healing properties cannot travel to the source; for these people, Dead Sea salt and mineral products can bridge the essential gap between illness and health. Companies that make products from Dead Sea minerals create treatment creams, wraps, mud masks and moisturizers designed to help people benefit from Dead Sea minerals in their own homes.
Skin Care Products with Black Mud Found in the Dead SeaBlack Dead Sea mud is often used as a therapeutic body wrap at spas; facial masks are also made of this miracle substance, to care for the skin, refine the pores, and as a natural anti-aging therapy. For psoriasis treatment, application of Dead Sea mud in combination with baths using Dead Sea salts have brought significant remissions for many patients, and the minerals in Dead Sea salts have also been included in psoriasis creams. Psoriasis flare-ups are less common when patients have experienced Dead Sea treatments. Dead Sea mud has also been found to relieve arthritis pain in joints, perhaps due to the influence of the high mineral content. Soaking in a bath of Dead Sea salts can alleviate muscle soreness; for a homemade, skin softening bath, combine Dead Sea salts with a cupful of oatmeal placed in an old nylon stocking. The minerals soak into your skin and the oatmeal creates a moisture shield that smoothes and softens.
The facts about treating stretch marks include the realization that they fade over time but are rarely eradicated with creams. But moisturized skin helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks, and creams made from Dead Sea minerals help skin regain its youthful moisture. Anti-aging cream isn't just for stretch marks; use it on elbows, heels and even your face.
If you can't visit the Dead Sea, you can still find Dead Sea

How to Clean Professional Makeup and Cosmetics Brushes

Professional Cosmetics Brushes are Essential for Flawless Make up ApplicationIf you wear makeup, you need to know how to clean makeup brushes. If you don't clean your make up brushes, you'll either wind up spoiling them and throwing them away, or they will mess up your clean, fresh look by changing the colors of your makeup. If you're not sure how to clean makeup brushes, don't worry; it's simple. The main thing is using the right type of cleaner for the kind of cosmetic brush you have. It's also most important to clean your makeup brushes frequently, so that there's very little build up on them.
Applying your make up correctly is at least as important as the quality of the makeup itself. Professional makeup artists take a lot of time smoothing, blending and brushing creams and powders into their clients' soon flawless faces. Great brushes help make perfect makeup possible.
What Materials and Hair Products are Brushes Made of?Makeup brushes come in all sorts of materials, with the cheapest usually being made of sponge or plastic and the most expensive some sort of animal hair. High quality natural hair brushes used by professional models and painters are made of sable, and if you want a particular brush shape in an excellent quality brush, you can find them at art supply stores. Badger fur, pony hair and even squirrel hair are also used to make brushes. The best makeup, such as mineral makeup, will often come with a set of fine brushes: perfect application gives your makeup a beautiful soft finish.
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The Importance of Properly Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Properly cleaning your makeup brushes will save you time, money and even your face! You will save time because clean makeup brushes make application easier, so that loose powder goes where you want it instead of clinging to an oily brush. You won't have to makeup as often because your makeup will be fresh—not contaminated with skin oils and old, oxidized colors. You'll save money by cleaning your makeup brushes because they will last longer, so you won't have to buy new ones. And you can save your face—from breakouts associated with bacterial and oil build up on grimy old brushes. Five minutes a week, a little sudsy water, and your makeup brushes will stay fresh and new much longer See a selection of inexpensive brush cleaner that will renew dirty cosmetics brushes. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Properly Cleaning Your Cosmetic Brushes Will Make Them Last LongerBesides letting your brushes last longer (very important if you're going to buy more expensive, smoother brushes), if you know how to clean your make up brushes, you can minimize skin problems such as breakouts from accumulated oils or eye infections from mascara brushes. Hygiene is one reason that experts say never to share your makeup with a friend: you can transmit bacteria on the applicators. Cold sores, acne, rashes and staph germs can move easily from one makeup brush to another, so never borrow someone else's brush or powder puff. In fact, for people who apply makeup using their fingers, it's not even a good idea to wipe your fingers across someone else's blusher or eye shadow, because you're picking up bacteria from their fingers and skin.
How to Wash Your Make up Brushes Free of BacteriaYou can wash your makeup brushes in warm, soapy water, using an antibacterial soap, shampoo or a hand sanitizer. There are also special products for cleaning your makeup brushes. Lipstick brushes may need extra care because of the extra emollients in lip colors, which can make them sticky and hard to wash. Wash them with a gentle oil removing wash you may already use for your skin, and take your time, working out the lipstick from the brush bristles.
Shape brushes while wet and let them dry to preserve their smoothness. Lay them flat instead of standing them on end, or you will damage either the bristles or handle of the brush. Wash them gently, never scrubbing, or the hairs will start to come out. Follow any cleaning instructions that come with your makeup brushes in case they have special requirements. And if you can't make up your mind to commit to cleaning your brushes, you can always buy disposable sponge brushes and throw them away more frequently. Especially if you suffer from very oily skin or acne, make sure you're always using a clean makeup brush to minimize bacterial problems that may increase your skin trouble.
Dirty Makeup Brushes Carry Bacteria and Will Not Give You a Flawless LookWhatever you do, don't use the same makeup brushes day in and day out without washing them. Aside from harboring bacteria, makeup pigments bind with the oils from your skin, making brushes sticky and dirty. Makeup colors can change, becoming darker or more orange due to oxidation and to mixing with skin oils or dust, making a mess of your daily makeup routine. Clean your brushes once a week to keep them working properly, and if a brush becomes stained or misshapen, throw it out and get a new

The Amazing Benefits of Hydrotherapy.

I went to the salon a couple of weeks ago, and skipped the pedicure in favor of a relaxing facial. The aesthetician used a super-soft, micro-bead type scrub, a brisk but not-too alcoholic toner, and a wonderful, silky moisturizer that gave my skin the feel of rose petals clinging to a baby’s bottom. It was that smooth.
But thinking back on the experience, I realized that of all the fruit-oil and nut kernel extracts that were applied to my face that day, the thing that felt like absolute heaven was plain old water. Steam, actually, from a small steamer that directed a soft jet of cool steam against my face for nearly ten minutes. Yes, even cool steam opens your pores and releases impurities: it also keeps your skin moist rather than drying it out, as warm steam does. (Never, ever use hot steam on your face, and never let anyone else do it either).
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A Cool Steam Facial Has Beneficial Beauty and Health BenefitsIf you get a really good facial, the aesthetician will more than likely spend some time directing a stream of cool "steam" at your face. It feels like a soft ocean breeze, and it does the nearly impossible; opening pores while moisturizing skin. It's usually followed up by a pore treatment and toner and moisturizer. In fact, when you pay for a professional facial, you're really paying for the cooled steam: the other parts of the process—the wrapping, mask, moisturizers and pore treatments can all be had at home.Now you can have the whole thing, and save scads of money while beautifying your skin. With a humidifier, you can perfect the at-home facial, but you can also do so much more. Humidifiers add moisture to any room so that in the dry room heat of winter, or dusty, hot summers, your skin is soft, smooth and comfortable. Add a drop of essential oil for aromatherapy.See our favorite cool stream humidifier that will be great for your face and your home. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
But with the tip, that facial cost me $75, and the thing I liked most and wanted to take home with me was the steam. I started thinking about ways I could get more steam into my life without forking out so much money at the salon. Hot water makes hot steam, which is unacceptable, so the bowl and towel-over-the-head routine wouldn’t work. I didn’t want one of those personal steamers because you have to set your face into them and do nothing: I wanted something that would work while I did other things. I pondered, then I remembered the vaporizer that my friend Judy bought for her baby Emily when Ems got croupy. I called Judy, and she turned me on to the fact that vaporizers make warm steam from boiling water, and humidifiers push cool water vapor into the room.
I read a little about humidifiers and finally chose the Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. I chose it because it has a built-in water filter, you can control the mist speed, and it’s possible to direct the mist too. Even though this humidifier has a water filter, you should use filtered water in your vaporizer because the hard minerals in most tap water can clog it up after you’ve used it awhile, seriously shortening the lifespan of the appliance. If you already have a water filter on your tap, great! If not, just get down to the grocery store and buy a few gallons of the cheapo drinking water, then keep the jugs so you can refill them at one of the water machines most supermarkets have parked outside.
After using it on a hot day, I realized that running the humidifier could be useful for more than just beautifying the skin; it’s a fine way to add moisture to the air, which helps to cool off the room, keeping static electricity down, and indoors ferns fresh. If you happen to grow orchids, a vaporizer can keep your flowers as perfect as your skin. All this, for way less than the cost of a single salon facial. Pretty smart, huh!

Eye Makeup.

Learn what & how to apply eye shadow, liner & mascara for perfect eye make up.You can tell the decade in which a movie was made by the eye-makeup of the stars. In the forties, it was either glamorous or understated, depending on the scene (evening and dressy or daytime and subtle) and the character (bad women wore lots of eye shadow, day and night). Eyebrows were mostly plucked out and painted or drawn on slightly higher, although some stars, like Betty Becall, got away with slender, perfectly-shaped natural brows.
If you look at I Love Lucy episodes, you can see that Lucy wore lots of makeup. Eye shadow was light if she used it at all (in her 1960's The Lucy Show, she wore lots of bright blue shadow), but Max Factor laid on the mascara, and her brows were made up with pencil or paint, usually in a curved fashion that accessorized her goofy persona.
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Applying Eye Make-up and Shadow:Taking the Guesswork Out of Choosing the Right Eye Shadow Shade
The world of eye shadows available today can be quite overwhelming. From shimmers to matte and brights to neutrals. Eye shadows are available in just about every color under the sun. If you are like most women, you are probably wondering what colors will best accentuate your eye color and which eye shadows to stay away from. Remember that eye shadow should always coordinate with your eye color not your outfit color - this is not a fashion trend, but a beauty basic every woman should know.
Take the guess work (and stress) out of choosing the right eye shadow colors by purchasing an eye shadow set that is meant for your specific eye color. See the perfect eye shadow collection for blue eyes, brown eyes and green eyes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Other 50's-era female TV stars included Barbara Billingsley, who played Beaver's mother June Cleaver. June's makeup was subtle: what you notice is the seeming clarity of her skin and eyes. Again, no shadow was in evidence: as a married housewife, June didn't have the lifestyle for shaded lids.
In the 60's, makeup, like fashion and lots of other things, went wild. If you've seen Love, American Style, or Laugh-In, you've also seen mile-high beehives, minuscule skirts, and piles of bright shadows (often in blue and green), thick mascara and false, furry eyelashes (often worn by the same woman at the same time), and eyebrows that ranged from dense and black to virtually non-existent. The 60's were about the time when mascara started becoming higher in quality. Women wanted gigantic eyes, and makeup that wouldn't run. They were sick of gluing on false lashes which could fall off into the soup when you least expected it. Mascara responded by becoming more user-friendly.
After the 60's, 70's styles seemed downright tame, but looking back from 2004, the 70's still look pretty freakish. Skirts were still tiny, and short-shorts and bikinis made the summertime scene. Polyester made leisure suits a weird part of the masculine wardrobe, and men who weren't even pimps wore gold chains and pinky rings. In makeup, glitter became part of daytime looks, shimmering in slippery lip gloss, sparkling in eye shadows and glimmering up foundations. James Bond movies spanned the 60's and 70's, giving us a timeless look at bizarre fashions and makeup that could be put on with a trowel.
The eighties were silk blouses and big shoulder pads, and eye makeup became an important part of the career woman's wardrobe. Maybe because women were trying harder than ever before to smash through the recently-identified glass ceiling, makeup was assertive, almost mask-like. Big jewelry, thick hoop earrings and gold projected the dress-for-success look in the Me-decade. Lined and lipsticked mouths and shadowed, mascaraed eyes competed for attention in faces gessoed smooth with thick foundations. Eyebrows tended to be more real and well-groomed rather than yanked out and drawn on, in keeping with the overall bolder, more "masculine"(natural) look.
Since the nineties, a wide range of looks have become acceptable, perhaps because with the aging of the general population, more women have found the style they'll be staying with for the rest of their lives. Let's face it, at some point, we all choose a look and pretty much stick with it, and women who were in their thirties and forties in the 80's predominate in the population, while younger women experiment with lighter makeup, more casual hairstyles and the smaller trends that wash across the seasons in little waves.
If you look at modern-day stars like Isabella Rossilini, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Julianne Moore, you'll notice that, while makeup enhances their natural looks, it never takes center stage. Lipsticks are a slightly stronger expression of natural lip colors, foundations are muted, and eye makeup draw attention not to itself, but to the eyes. It's not that these women don't wear makeup--they do--it's that the makeup is applied with perfect restraint (and then thoroughly airbrushed, but that’s another story).
If you want to be current with your own eye makeup, spend a lot of time figuring out which colors play up the color and shape of your eyes. Don't fall for trendy colors: you'll just have to buy new ones in a couple of months, and they won't look that great on you anyway. Check out neutral tones in beige, brown and grey, with slightly darker colors for evening. Experiment with mascara, but keep in mind that, contrary to what the ads say, longer and thicker lashes are not necessarily always better-looking. Cows have long, thick lashes too. You want enough lashes to outline your eyes, but not so much that no-one can look away from them.
Eyebrows should be as natural as possible while observing a certain restraint in terms of thickness. If your brows are very pale, you might try a brow pencil, but go gently with it, and get opinions from real and honest friends before taking your new look outside.
As trends have taken us from one extreme to another, finding your own look keeps you from making fashion mistakes that will haunt you in photographs for years to come. With the medical and cosmetics industries coming up with more and more sophisticated formulas, it's a good idea to check out new products that contain sunscreens, hypoallergenic properties and herbal or cosmeceutical ingredients shown to decrease lines, prevent skin cancer or soothe sensitive skin. Obviously, you aren't going to buy into every fashion fairy tale: decades ago, women were using hormones extracted from animals as anti-aging moisturizers. But when you do find something that works for you, you can dance for joy and bless the fashion goddesses for bringing you clearer skin, fewer wrinkles or non-greasy protection from UV rays. With recent advances in skin care, just imagine what the next decade will bring!

Facial Mud Masques

Facial Mud Masques for Oily Skin by Kathryn D'Imperio
Oily, dry, combination – no matter what type your skin may be, sometimes a normal cleansing routine just isn’t enough. They say beauty is only skin deep – well, then perhaps that is where we should begin our daily beauty regimens. Cleansing, toning, refining and moisturizing one’s face daily is a major part of keeping healthy skin, but sometimes those steps could use a little help from a more powerful rejuvenating technique.
Facial mud and clay masques can work wonders on skin and the best part is, you need not set up an appointment at a salon for the perfect facial! Many brands offer great facial masque products, like Freeman’s Beautiful Skinฎ Facial Mud Masque or their Beautiful Skinฎ Mineral Clay Masque. Queen Heleneฎ offers a very effective product, The Original Mint Julep Masque, which goes on green and just zaps the oil from your skin. These are just a few of the countless facial masque products out there.
To fully reap all the benefits of a facial mud masque, a certain skin care itinerary should be followed, beginning with a gentle cleansing with face wash. Following the cleansing, apply the face masque to your entire face, and neck if you desire, and allow it to dry completely. Masque should normally dry in about 10 to 15 minutes, though it can be left on problem areas overnight for the utmost therapy. Rinse the masque from your face with warm water and a washcloth. To conclude the complete home facial process, use an exfoliating face scrub followed by a facial moisturizer.
This sounds all well and good, but who really has a half an hour or more to spend on facial treatments every couple of days or even once a week? Even if you cannot spare the time for each step of the facial process, using the mud masque at least once a week will give you noticeable results in your complexion.

Benefits of a facial mud masque:

  1. Absorbs excess oil
  2. Aids in shrinking large pores
  3. Clarifies skin’s texture
  4. Eases tension lines on face and neck
  5. Helps to dry up pimples
  6. Reduces appearance of blemishes
  7. Relaxes tired muscles
    Removes dry cells and impurities
  8. Replenishes vitamins, minerals and moisture
  9. Rinses away blackheads

No matter how you go about your facial care routine, using a masque at least once in a while will truly invigorate you, leaving your face silky smooth and soft. Because the results are immediate and purely amazing, you may even find yourself wishing to use a masque more than once a week. Enjoy the clean and clear effects of a facial masque and relax while you use it… after all, it will be like having your own spa treatment in the comfort of your home!

What Causes Rosacea Symptoms and Skin Care Products

Rosacea Symptoms and Common CausesIf you have really red skin that flushes easily with your emotions, that reacts badly to spicy food or alcohol, that gets bumpy and acne breaks out along with being chronically too-red, you may have rosacea. The culprit is heredity: if your ancestral background is Nordic or Celtic or very Anglo, those fair-skinned genes may be causing your problem. Some ways of dealing with red skin include wearing the right makeup and moisturizers, avoiding spices and liquor in your diet, applying certain creams and lotions and some cosmetic procedures that target the problem under the skin.
Learn to Avoid Your Rosacea Trigger to Help Your SkinIf your skin is mostly just red and flushy without breaking out or getting bumpy, the best thing you can do for it is keep it cool and keep it covered. Some people get more flushed when they’re eating or drinking hot things, like tea, soup or spicy-hot foods. One chronically flushed friend of mine said that whenever she has a hot drink, she also gets ice water on the side, and she alternates sips of hot with sips of cold. A dermatologist I recently spoke with advocates keeping a mister with you all the time. Fill it with Evian water and mist your face every hour or two throughout the day. She swears by it.
How to Protect Rosacea Prone Skin with the Proper TreatmentsOnce you have a plan for keeping your skin cool, focus on keeping it covered. This means more than wearing a hat in the sun! It means buying and wearing sunblock, not sunscreen. The difference between the two is important: sunscreen lets light through. Sunblock prevents light from getting in. Look for products containing zinc oxide, the best sunblock known. Make sure you get your face and neck thoroughly covered with sunblock, even if you’re just driving down to the mall. You can get sun exposure just sitting in the car. And even once you’re wearing sunblock each and every day, wear that hat, too.
--Editors Tip ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Using the Right Skin Care Products and Makeup is Essential for Controling Your Rosacea Symtoms If you skin is prone to rosacea or rosacea acne you must use only the most gentle skin care products you can find, which sometimes requires visiting a specialty store or online retailer that specializes in rosacea products. Common skin care and cosmetic ingredients that should be avoided, according to a study done by the National Rosacea Society, are alcohols, witch hazel, fragrances, menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus.
If a skin care or makeup product burns after application - STOP using it immediately. Even a slight burning sensation is your body's way of telling you that it doesn't like the cream, makeup, etc. that you are using. You should also never extensively rub or exfoliate your rosacea prone skin since this can cause even further irritation.
I have taken the time to search the internet for a qualified online retailer of rosacea skin care products. See a variety of rosacea skin care makeup products (Search Help: Visit the link and click on Skin Conditions > Rosacea to see the list of rosacea friendly products). -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rosacea Skin Care Creams, Makeup and ProductsA recent breakthrough in skincare is the use of green or white tea extract. You can take green tea extract internally, and it’s being added to weight-loss supplements, vitamins and snacks because research suggests that chemicals in green and white tea can enhance your metabolism. But for rosacea and other skincare, green tea extract with added caffeine works to reduce the effects of sun exposure. The dermatologist I visited gave me a sample of a cream used by her clientele, and I took it home. It’s called Replenix, and it has green tea, chamomile and cucumber extracts in a soothing lotion base. It’s sort of a beige color (from the high content of tea extract), and has a very light scent, and with its mediceutical- Baby-Boomer name, I didn’t know what to expect.
This morning, I hadn’t put on any moisturizer yet, because I went to check my email right after my shower, and I kind of got caught up in things. My skin was definitely feeling on the crispy side, but when I rubbed the Replenix in, I was amazed by how great it feels going on. It’s smooth, not oily or caky or gloppy at all. It soaked right in, and my face feels totally soft and smooth. Is it silk or velvet? I can’t decide! I’m going to buy a jugful of this stuff...

Color Your Lips - Choosing and Applying Lipstick, Lip Gloss and Liner for Perfectly Pouty Lips

The best lipsticks are long-lasting, perfectly colored and made with ingredients that enhance not only your look but the health of your lips as well. The best lip looks rely on knowing the best colors for your skin. Use these lip tips to keep your makeup beautiful and your lips smooth and soft.
Before adding lip color or gloss, calm your lips for smoother, long lasting color.If your lips are chapped or dry, lipstick will go on unevenly and fade away fast. Tiny lines around the mouth can trap color, causing lipstick to "bleed"—never a good look! Use a soothing lip treatment or lip balm to moisturize and heal your lips, providing a smooth base for your lip color. Look for calming lip treatment with essential oil of sweet marjoram, lavender, and tarragon, which goes on with a warm tingle and promotes healing. With soft, beautiful lips, your lip color will look and feel better than ever!
--Editor's Note-------------------------------------------------------------------
Pucker Up! Believe it or not - get sexy pouty lips for $1 This is a revolution in cosmetics! I originally heard about this $1 product on the Style TV channel on the show Stripped. Rather than women being overcharged for simple cosmetics, such as lip gloss, this company has decided to create quality cosmetics that only cost a one dollar. These aren't cheap versions of the real stuff, but quality makeup for your lip, eyes and face that many professional makeup artist swear by.
See what you can add to your makeup bag for $1 and E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, Face) Cosmetics. They also have a fun, and convenient, option to put together your own custom makeup kit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--Editor's Note-------------------------------------------------------------------
Create a Customized Lip Palette Perfect Your Purse

Never get stuck with a lip palette that includes colors you don't like or doesn't include all the tools you need for perfect lips throughout your busy day. In keeping up with the small purse fad, we found a lip palette (measures 4.5 inches wide x 3 inches long x .75 inches deep) that not only fits the many smaller purses, but also includes all the tools you need for perfectly pouty lips for day or night. You can also customize your all-inclusive lip palette with a variety individual cubes of lipstick color, glosses, lip treatments and liners that work best for your skin tone.

Start designing your customized lip palette today and start enjoying a clutter free purse.
Lipstick—a million colors to choose from!One of the biggest makeup challenges is choosing the right lip color. Some women vary their lipstick in accordance with their wardrobe—a big no-no, since your lipstick is supposed to complement your skin tones!
It's not hard to choose lipstick colors once you know one simple fact. All you need to know is whether your skin tones are "warm" or "cool". It's not about how dark or light you are, or even about your hair or eye color, but what the undertone of your skin is—is it bluish (cool) or yellowish (warm)? Everyone is either warm or cool and it's all about your facial coloring: blondes, brunettes and redheads can be either one.
So how can you tell if you aren't sure? Dig through your makeup bag and find just two shades of any kind of makeup—lip color, eye shadow or blush. Find one color that is orange or rust and another that is pink or lavender. Rub one color on the apple of your cheek and the other color on the apple of the other cheek and then compare. Does one look more "right" than the other? Does one look garish or just wrong? The color that works will show you your skin tone. If the orange color looks right, you have warm tones; if the pink color looks right, you are cool.
Now that you know your skin tone, you are free to choose any lip color in that color family. But that doesn't mean you'll only wear one lipstick shade: you still have plenty to choose from! Take a look at this list of potential lip shades for either coloring:
Warm ColorsCoral, Peachy, Russet, Rust, Amber, Brown, Brick Red, Melon, Salmon, Orange, Sandalwood, Red with yellow undertone, Taupe
Cool ColorsPink, Raspberry, Cherry, Mulberry, Lavender, Plum, Rose, Strawberry, Crimson, Amethyst, Lilac, Red with blue undertone, Mauve
As you can see, the color names associated with warm and cool tones tend to fall into two groups. The warm tones tend to be earthy, woodsy, with only a couple of fruit names (peach and melon). Cool tones tend to contain the names of berries, which are often shades of pink or purple or reds with blue undertones. Warm and cool women can both wear red lipstick, but the "true red" tend to be bluish, so warm women should look for reds with a slight leaning towards brown or orange. Once you understand your skin tone, the trick is not to fall for a pretty name when the shade doesn't flatter your skin. Lipstick makers know that a lush name, reminiscent of flowers or jewels or romance, can sell a lipstick even when the color looks terrible on most women. So beware!
Don't let the name fool you into buying something that looks wrong on you. Read the name after you've looked at the color!The best way to get every shade you want is to buy a whole palette of lip colors. But lipstick palettes usually have two or three colors that work and another fifteen that look just awful. If you've ever bought a lip palette, you know what it's like: there are a couple of colors you want, and you have to buy the rest of the palette to get them. They're the two spots where the color's worn to the bottom of the case in a few months while the rest of the compact is untouched. When you're out of the colors you love, the rest goes into a drawer. "I'll think about it later," we say to ourselves while the little pots of unused, unwearable color pile up inside our vanity drawers.
Wouldn't it be great to get a lip palette of every shade you love? To choose each individual color based on what looks great on you? To know you can mix colors with the confidence of knowing that they will blend beautifully because they are in the same color family? And when a beloved color runs low, wouldn't it be great to just replace it and keep the compact! Guess what? You can!
Use a lip pencil or liner to before putting on lip color.While you don't want to stray too far from the natural shape of your mouth, lip pencils can add clean definition while subtly but powerfully redefining your mouth. Drawn just outside your natural lip line, lip pencil adds fullness; drawn just on the inside, your lips appear slightly thinner.
Want to achieve a luscious pout? Add fullness to the bottom lip with a lip pencil two shades lighter than the one you use on your upper lip.
Love the Julia Roberts look? Soften and enhance your upper lip line by drawing with your lip pencil in a heavy stroke, then smudge ever-so-slightly upwards with the end of your pinkie. Blot, then apply your lipstick to the edge of the original line.
For total freedom in lip color, make sure you have lip liner pencils in several colors. One lip pencil just can't cut it: you'll want to use slightly lighter or darker lip pencils to create the illusion of fullness or to slightly thin out heavier lips.
Great Lip GlossYou can't buy lip gloss from a drugstore—unless you want a gloppy, sticky, slimy mess, perhaps adorned with little bits of sharp glitter and a heavy bubble-gum scent. Perfect for 'tweens, lip gloss for grown-ups should add subtle shine and color. But the best lip glosses do more than shine you up: they add essential organic oils like tangerine, clove, peppermint, lavender, vanilla, grapefruit and rose. Essential oils not only add health to your lips: their natural scents create instant aromatherapy when applied to the lips. Vanilla and peppermint have been shown to increase happy feelings; grapefruit and tangerine give you a boost of energy; rose and lavender are perfect for calming and soothing stressed nerves. Lip gloss with essential oils that does more than make you look wonderful: it makes you feel wonderful too!
Warm and cool shades apply to your lip gloss choices as they do your lipsticks. Choose colors one shade lighter or darker than your favorite lipsticks for an extra layer of light-loving color, or wear them alone for a natural, pretty look.
Want to maximize your lip color wardrobe? Choose your lipsticks first, then add lip pencils one shade darker than each lipstick, and finish by picking lip glosses one shade lighter than each lipstick. Make sure your lip pencils, lipsticks and glosses are all from the same color family that matches your skin tone. Don't forget a calming lip treatment to protect and smooth no matter which colors you wear!
For Work to Dinner to Dancing: A Lip for All ReasonsYour daily lip color should be more muted than your night-time look, but we often dash from work to an evening out without returning home. With a small, portable lip palette, you can bring a daytime and a nighttime shade along with complementary lip pencils with no extra hassle—they fit into your purse! Take along a miniature compact with your daily shade, and add a second, more dramatic color alongside it. Or wear a gloss for day and add a lipstick for night. When you're getting ready for the evening, your glammed-up lip color will be right—and right where you need it.

Cellulite Reduction

Spa Solutions for Cellulite Reduction
By Wenona Napolitano

I was once told by a doctor that nothing could be done about cellulite once you have it. Now modern science has come up with several ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. I guess they realized how important beauty is and how much money they could make off women that want to be beautiful. Most of the spa treatments are pricey, but if you have the money and you want smooth thighs it is well worth it.
Endermologie is one of the most popular treatments for cellulite it uses a motorized machine that has rollers that lift, stretch, spin and suck the skin. The treatment loosens the connective tissues that gives fat and skin that bumpy texture. It improves the circulation and helps make the skin appear smoother. Cost can range from $50 to $150 a session with up to 14 visits being recommended.
Tri-Active LaserDermology is another treatment for cellulite. It combines a machine that gives a suction massage, localized cooling, and heated laser stimulation to the skin and fat beneath. It breaks down fat pockets and increases circulation. 10 to 15 sessions are usually required and costs can range from $100-$200 per treatment.
VelaSmooth consists of radio frequency waves to break up fat pockets and infrared heat to improve circulation followed by massage to loosen connective tissue. Currently VelaSmooth is only approved in Europe and Canada but FDA approval is pending. For more information and updates visit
The Anushka 5 week Body Contouring Program combines personalized diet, topical lotions, muscle stimulation, inflatable leg boots, body wraps, and rollers to tone and firm thighs and break down cellulite.
Acupuncture can also be used to treat cellulite. To find a reputable acupuncturist that can do treatments for cellulite visit
Mesotherapy is a treatment that injects a solution of enzymes and detergents into troubled areas to melt away fat. The treatment was developed in France over 50 years ago but is not regulated in the United States. Some plastic surgeons do use this therapy.
Another option is a personalized cellulite reduction work out program incorporating targeted leg workouts, toning, and cardio and strength training. Adding Pilates works wonders at toning and smoothing thighs and buttocks.
Cellulite can be treatable but even after treatments cellulite may not be completely gone but noticeably reduced. Regular maintenance may still be required after the initial treatments.
See also: Home Cellulite Treatments - what you can do at home to reduce cellulite.

Beauty Care Made Easy with the Right Tweezers, Manicure and Pedicure Tools

Buying the Right TweezersShopping for tweezers can be confusing because there are so many different shapes. Which tweezers are best for plucking eyebrows? Which kind should you buy for removing splinters? When it comes to shaping brows, creating the perfect arch or doing minor clean-up between waxing or threading, a great pair of tweezers can make the difference between staying hair-free and getting a little shaggy around the edges.
Celebrity eyebrows can be deal-breakers: where would Judy Garland have been without her thick, trademark brows? Eyebrows that enhance the beauty of the face are created by stylists and maintained by aestheticians. Waxing is one popular option in shaping brows, but because individual hairs grow at different rates, you sometimes need a more targeted approach. Slant-tip tweezers (try these from Tweezerman) are the acknowledged top of the line when it comes to defining the shape of the eye through a classical arch of the brow. Slant tips can grab the hair easily because they have more area than pointed tweezers, and because the pressure is stronger at the tip of the tweezers where it lies closest to the skin, the hair is easier to pull from the follicle.
How to Pluck Your EyebrowsOnce you have your pair of tweezers, plucking a naturally-shaped brow is simple. You should take into consideration the type of hair that makes up your brow: it is coarse or fine, light or dark? Do you plan to use eye pencil to enhance your brows, or do you prefer a natural solution? Fine, light eyebrows may need to be slightly thicker in order to establish them in the overall look of your face: light brows that are too thin will disappear, giving your face a rabbity look. Eye pencil is a great way to slightly darken super-blonde brows: choose a shade just slightly darker than your natural shade for a subtle enhancement. Thick, dark brows can be either professionally lightened at a salon or plucked slightly thinner to minimize their impact.

  • Start by patting your eyebrow with warm water to open the pores and make plucking less painful.
  • Getting eyebrows too thin is an even bigger mistake than leaving them too heavy, so start by plucking only the hairs that definitely don't belong. Pluck in the direction of the hair's growth to avoid irritating the skin.
  • Remove hairs between the brows, and then begin to clean up the area under the brow line by plucking the hairs that fall outside the main brow.
  • You may want to shorten your eyebrows if the hair continues past the outer corner of your eye.
  • Never pull out several hairs at once: that's a great way to get a "bald" look! Take out one at a time.
  • Once you have created a clean brow area, you can further define brows by adding or increasing a slight natural arch that rises just above the middle of your iris. Go carefully here and keep the arch very slight, or you will wear a look of perpetual surprise!
  • If your eyebrows are very thick, you may want to remove a few hairs growing in the middle of the brow. This should be undertaken carefully, since removing a defining hair can leave an empty patch in your eyebrows. Brush your eyebrow up with a small brush and see which hairs are too thickly grouped. Grasping a single hair with your tweezers, but without pulling it out, move the hair away from the rest of the brow to see the potential effect of permanently removing it. Does it leave a "hole"? If so, don't pluck it, but try another hair. When you can pull out a hair without leaving an empty space (the rest of the brow should brush back and neatly cover the tweezed area), remove the hair.
  • After plucking your eyebrows, dab them with witch hazel or tea tree oil to soothe the skin and prevent breakouts.
  • Pluck eyebrows (as the hairs regrow) from underneath to maintain a neat look.

Must Haves in Your Beauty Care Kit

Other additions to your beauty kit should include an eyelash curler and nail care tools. Curling your eyelashes only takes a minute and adds to the sparkle in your eyes. Just press the lashes into the eyelash curler, hold for a few seconds, and release. Your eyes will look brighter because the upwards-curling lashes will display your upper, inner eyelid rim. The whiteness of the rim combined with the white of your eye makes your iris appear brighter in contrast as well as giving your eyes a wide-awake look that's also appealing. And when it comes to dealing with fingernails and toenails, your beauty supply should definitely include a set of files, buffers, orange sticks and creams for at home manicures and pedicures.

At Home Pedicure and Manicures

There are few body parts that serve us as well as the foot. Our feet take us through the world, let us dance and explore, and wander around in shoes ranging from ratty sneakers to upscale heels and leather boots. Don't they deserve some special treatment from time to time? Here's how to keep your feet happy and healthy:
A foot bath.

Now, you can certainly arrange a footbath during your regular bath, or you can fill a plastic tub with very warm water, essential oils or bath salts and lower your aching tootsies in. (If you have polish on your toes, remove it before starting to soak your feet). Soak for at least five minutes, and using a nail brush, give your toenails a good scrub, getting out lint, grime and whatever else accumulates under nails. Use a pumice stone to rub away calluses—but don't try to remove them in one sitting! Calluses take time to create and they take time to remove; often several months of pedicures will be needed before a callous is gone.
Clip your nails with a good pair of nail clippers, being careful not to cut any living skin. (Little tags of dead cuticle can be trimmed off, but if it hurts it's not dead, so don't cut it.) Round the nails slightly with a file so that sharp edges don't cut into the delicate skin of your toes. On the tops of toenails, smooth the nail with a file into a pretty, slightly curved shape.
Once you have finished clipping and filing your nails, you may want to give your feet another quick soak and scrub. Next, dry your feet and between your toes with a soft towel, and rub in a good cream. If you aren't planning to polish your toenails, rub them with essential oil or coconut oil to replenish the oils and restore shine lost during your pedicure, and your pedicure is done.
If you do plan to add polish, don't put cream or oils on your toenails or the polish won't adhere properly. Dry your feet, add cream to the foot but not the toenails, and follow with polish. You may want to put cotton puffs between your toes to prevent the polish from smudging before it dries. After a coat of polish, you may want to add a top coat in order to keep your polish from chipping.
Learn more about the beauty tools that professional stylists and make-up artist use at Tweezerman

Beauty Benefits of Goats Milk Based Soaps and Skin Care Products

What makes goat’s milk and dairy-based soapand beauty care products different from other natural or organic soaps?Milk based soaps have recently been rediscovered, largely due to the current research on milk proteins that is teaching consumers about the way skin benefits from contact with whey protein and lactic acid. Lactic acid helps smooth skin by exfoliation, and milk also contains Vitamins A and D, whose benefits include giving skin strength and suppleness. Many milk based soaps are made of goat's milk, which has the same ph as human skin. Goats produce a high fat, creamy milk that's easily digested because its molecules are smaller than those of cow's milk. People allergic to cow's milk often drink goat's milk instead because of the protein profile of goat's milk, which more closely resembles that of human milk, and which makes goat milk easier to digest. The other upside of using goats' milk in all kind of products is the fact that goats are more easily farmed than cows or sheep: they forage on all kinds of feed, are resistant to injury and disease and are providers of wool, meat and milk.
How is goat’s milk soap made?But you can't make soap from milk alone. Other ingredients could include natural oils from seeds, nuts, and vegetables, such as soybeans or coconuts. Soap has two main ingredients; lye and fat. When lye combines with a fat, chemical interaction hardens the oils, creating a bar of hard soap. When our great-grandmothers made their all natural soap, they used wood ashes and lard: the ashes were soaked in water, which leached out lye. Cooking lard with lye created soap. Original lye soaps were unscented and very harsh. They were also used for scrubbing laundry and floors, so their harshness helped pioneers get their clothes and homes—as well as their families—clean.
Why soap making is usually left to professional craftersToday, you can make your own soap much more easily than the pioneers did. Buy soapmaking ingredients online, at some craft stores, or at co-ops and natural food stores. Lye is a caustic agent though, and you have to be careful when using it because when it's undiluted, it can eat holes in your skin as easily as it can destroy your clothes. There are rules for working with lye; never make lye-based soaps as a fun craft for children; it's just too dangerous. But once lye combines with fats and saponification takes place, it's no longer the caustic agent it started out as. If you aren’t crafty, but still want access to milk based soaps, there are many online retailers online that sell this wonderful soap.If you want to try soapmaking at home but don't want to deal with lye, the easiest, gentlest soap in the world can be made with three ingredients; glycerin, water and scent. Glycerin is derived from fat, either animal or vegetable and can be bought in blocks or chips at any place that sells soapmaking supplies. Melt glycerin on the stove over a low temperature, add essential or fragrance oils for scent or food coloring for hue, then pour the liquid into soap molds. When the soap is cooled, simply unmold it.
What ingredients, like scent and exfoliants, are added to homemade milk soap?Aromatherapy soaps include natural and organic scents such as lavender, vanilla, and rose oils. For aromatherapy purposes, only buy soaps scented with organic essential oils; "fragrance" oils are based on synthetic chemicals and don't have the beneficial neurological properties of essential oils.Adding ingredients like goat's milk to a soap base as a liquid ingredient allows the beneficial properties of the milk to become part of the cleanser. You can use regular or powdered milk in soapmaking. (For a classic milk bath without soapmaking, add a cup or two of milk powder to hot water and climb in for a skin-smoothing soak). Other healthy ingredients include oils like olive oil, almonds, oatmeal, honey, herbal ingredients, vitamins and exfoliants like cornmeal or coffee grounds. Soaps of synthetic glycerin and organic soy milk or soy protein are a vegan bathing delight. There are recipes for therapeutic use, acne prevention and sensitive complexion and body care. Homemade soap makes a marvelous gift, too!

Home Cellulite Treatments

Home Cellulite Treatments
Home Treatments and Products for Cellulite Reduction By Wenona Napolitano
Cellulite occurs when the connective tissue pulls down on fat causing the fat to bulge under the skin. The less fat you have the less noticeable cellulite is. Diet and exercise play an important role in reducing the appearance of cellulite.
If you want to reduce cellulite you need to detox your body, especially your liver and colon. Lay off nicotine and caffeine, do not consume excess salt or fat and drink plenty of water. Eat foods rich in nutrients like soy, blueberries and nuts. Make sure you get the nutrients glucosamine, B vitamins and essential fatty acids. Onions are also a wonderful food to combat cellulite. Onions act as a natural diuretic releasing water buildup from skin cells.
Exercise to lose weight and tone your legs and buttocks. Do specific exercises to increase muscle mass in your thighs like walking, biking, stair climbing, yoga and pilates. The less fat and more muscle you have will make cellulite disappear. Muscle will stretch the skin and smooth out the dimpled bumpy appearance.
To increase circulation and break up the fat do daily massages to troubled areas. You can also use a body brush in the shower or bath with a body wash or exfoliating product to help increase circulation. Use aromatherapy oils in your bath to stimulate your system: Sage, cypress, and juniper oils aid with cellulite reduction.
Wearing pantyhose will also help combat and reduce cellulite, especially the body shaping ones that contour your thighs. Pantyhose compress fat and help aid circulation. There are cellulite reduction pantyhose on the market now specifically made to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.
You can make a body wrap at home with coffee grounds and seaweed to help reduce cellulite. Take warm coffee grounds and spread on troubled areas, wrap with moist seaweed (can be purchased at health food stores) then cover with plastic wrap. Keep the wrap on for about a half hour. Un wrap and rinse off in the shower. Massage your thighs as you rinse off.
There are also many commercial products that you can purchase to help combat cellulite. Some of the most popular are: L’Oreal Sublime Slim which consists of a day and a night gel to apply daily, Clarins Total Body Lift, Murad Firm and Tone Serum, Body Creator Aromatic Firming Cream, Algotherm Pulpe Activ Minceur, and Guinot Absolue Minceur home version products.
If you have money to spend on your cellulite treatment, there are many good Spa cellulite reduction methods.
Cellulite may never completely disappear but at least you can minimize it and make your thighs look as good as possible when you want to put on a bikini or a mini skirt.

Discover Skirt Lengths, Styles and Fashions that Flatter Your Body and are Appropriate for Various Occassions like Work or An Evening Out

If you're looking for a slightly dressy look, skirts are a good way to start. Not as formal as a dress, but a clear upgrade from pants (as well as a nod to fashion history--women have only been wearing pants in public for forty years or so), skirts give you more flexibility in your wardrobe without dressing it down.
Skirt styles and lengths for work (nothing too sexy, please!)It's hard to be specific about skirts because there are so many styles, but I'll try to give a basic overview. In general, daytime career looks for the office should be moderate, or even on the conservative side, with hems lengths just above or just below the knee. In fall and winter, you can get away with long skirts at work as long as they are in nice looking, lined fabrics and colors that are definitely not evening style. Tweed, slub or natural silks, cotton and wool are fine: velvets or refined silks are too dressy for the office.
Skirt fashions for the warmer months of summer and springSkirts for spring and summer can be lighter in color (whites, creams and pastels) and fabric than those for fall and winter, but depending on where you work, pastel cotton or flowery skirts of any kind may be too ingénue. If you work in a professional wardrobe environment, skirts need to stick to the straight and narrow in lightweight wools, linen blends (to avoid the wrinkles of 100% linen), or lined broadcloth.
If you're looking for cool clothing in hot, summertime weather, skirts may not actually be your best bet. If you don't wear hose because of the heat, there's nothing to stop the sweat from pooling behind your knees and gluing your legs together. You might stay cooler in a pair of linen pants (we're not even going to discuss gauchos here: they never hang right).
--Editor's Note --------------------------------------------------------------
Here are some of my favorite stores to find cute, figure flattering skirts for day and evening occassions Women's Skirts
Coldwater Creek
Chadwick's of Boston
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Fashion Bug
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You can still wear a sassy women's skirt in the cold of winterIn winter, you can get a slightly retro look without looking weirdly old-fashioned by wearing a wool skirt and sweater combination with a pair of knee high swede or leather boots. The plaid skirt and complementary single-hued sweater never completely go out of fashion, but you do have to be careful about not looking like a Catholic schoolgirl. Grown-up shoes like pumps or knee high boots help the modern look.<
I like skirts in cold weather because I can layer tights or even long johns underneath longer skirts, add boots and still look pulled together. An extra layer under the sweater can be a long-sleeved leotard that fits snugly and keeps you warm. I find that even in very cold weather, tights and a skirt can keep me warmer than a pair of pants, because pants are too bulky to layer under them. Skirts work just fine.
Skirt shapes that flatter almost any figure: A-line, flared and belledSkirts fit most women best if they flare slightly around the hips, making a little extra room for sitting and bending. Slightly A-line or belled skirts are usually most flattering and hide any aspects you may not like about your buns, hips and thighs. This is a problem area for many, many women, so don't think you are the only one. If you're thin, you can take advantage of slim hips to wear pencil skirts, but if you are thinner than you'd like to be, you can add a little substance by wearing a skirt with heavier fabric and a more generous cut. As long as it fits your waist, you can "swim around" a little bit and round out your figure with rounder skirt style.
Dress up or dress down a skirt with a great sweater set or knit topKnit tops look nice with skirts, but may be more casual than the look you want. Sweaters, twin sets or jackets dress up the look. The right blouse can look good, but you have to be careful to find one that tucks in neatly or looks good left out. Avoid blouses with frills or bows: prettifying a blouse often makes it look frumpy (another of life's mysteries).

Dressing a Tall Womens Figure in Longer Length Clothes Sizes and Where to Find Clothing

Should You Be Shopping For Tall Sized ClothingTall women come in two types: models, and the rest of us. Although in the Western world, men and women have been growing taller and taller over the generations, women over 5 ft 8" are considered tall when it comes to clothing manufacturers, who apparently measure their profits in the extra inch or two it would take to make tall women (or plus size women) comfortable in their clothes. Tall women also run the risk of becoming terrifically shy, since they tend to shoot up like bamboo while the nastiest little boys in junior high are still all mouth and no brains. Being tall makes it nearly impossible for girls to disappear, which lets them in for a lot of teasing and mental torture. The lucky girls use their height to establish an athletic career, and can pound short, nasty boys into the turf, but the rest of us just suffer through it and hope to exact our revenge in college.
Be Proud of Your Tall Model Like HeightThere is no way to look less tall. Let's just get that out of the way right now. Slouching, if anything, makes women look taller, which may be why the flappers affected a bizarre, S-shaped posture that made them look like they had belly cramps. Tall was sexy then, even with cramps.
In fact, tall is sexy now, but if you were one of those tormented, willowy teens, you may not have gotten over the trauma of living in a world where it's better to be mediocre than to stand out in any way from the crowd. If you have problems accepting that tall is sexy, note the fact that most girls can't even consider a modeling career if they're under 5 ft 9".
High Heels vs. Flat ShoesFashionistas tell tall gals to wear flats, maybe because fashion is based on the idea that no matter what you look like, you should attempt the opposite. Flat shoes don't add height, but they also don't do much for your legs. If you're going to be tall, (and, clearly you are), have fabulous legs and great posture to match. Downplay your height, and you downplay a positive attribute: play it up, and you're operating in a whole new league: real, individual, unapologetic style.
Worried About Dating a Shorter Men - Don't Be!Here's another radical idea. If you're uncomfortable dating men who are shorter than you, don't bother. You don't owe any favors to a guy who's probably dating you because he likes your looks: you should like his looks, and if short guys don't appeal to you, don't waste their time or yours. Tall men are often looking for tall women for very practical reasons: they're easier to dance with, and they make a tall man feel like he's out with a woman, not a doll. You have every right to date men you find appealing.
Dress in Clothes to Flatter Your Tall Body TypePlay up your height with tall clothes: long lines, knee-high boots (with heels), long hair. Look for bias-cut dresses, straight skirts and fitted blouses. Don't ever try to minimize your arms, legs, hands or neck; they are sexy features, and longer is better. Pay homage to them with opera-style gloves, sheer, sheer hose, nicely-filed gleaming nails and ropes of pearls.
I hope this has given you a different perspective: a higher perspective than most articles that purport to address the concerns of tall women and then put them in ugly shoes.

Herbal Help for Acne

By Wenona Napolitano
If you have acne you’ve probably tried all the over the counter products and maybe even the prescription products on the market. Perhaps they don’t work for you or they irritate your skin and dry it out. There are other options. Herbal treatments and nutritional supplements can also help with acne, either applied directly to the skin or taken orally.
Zinc supplements worked wonders for me. I take 50 milligrams a day, twice daily and it helps keep my skin clearer than any prescription I’ve ever tried. You can find Zinc at a grocery store or drug store in the aisle with vitamin and mineral supplements. At Wal-Mart it’s only $2.13 a bottle. You can also order from catalogs and online websites.
Herbs that work wonders at clearing up acne are: Echinacea taken orally and applied externally to the skin, Oregon grape root applied as a cream, tea tree oil applied to the skin, oregano and basil oil applied to the skin or taken orally.
Be careful using any new product because you may be sensitive to it and if you are using any prescriptions or other topical acne treatments you might have to watch out for reactions. Check with your dermatologist to make sure it is alright to use any herbal treatments with the medicine you are already using.

Three Fundamental Skin Care Techniques No Woman Should Skip

(1) Cleanse skin no more than twice daily with a mild cleaner that doesn't over dry you skin. Be sure to use a cleanser meant for your skin type
(2) Gently exfoliate your skin on a daily basis to remove dead skin cells and expose newer, healthier glowing skin underneath.
(3) Apply a moisturizer. A moisturizer with sunscreen of at least SPF 15 should be applied during the day.

For more helpful advice and products for healthier skin check out the Skin Store. This skin resource not only offers helpful skin advice, but breaks down products by function, skin type, skin condition and active ingredients making it easier to find the perfect fix for your skin.

Tips, Advice and Ideas on What to Wear and How to Act on a First Date

First Dates and Meeting the Parents AdviceThere are three extremely trying times to choose the right clothes for the occasion: job interviews, first dates and meeting the parents nights. First date dressing is tough because you usually don't know the other person well enough to predict what will be attractive to him. You want to look fabulous but not unattainable, chic but not cheap. Add to the problem that you may or may not be familiar with where you are going, and you have the perfect explanation for women who choose to stay home in a chenille robe with a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck and a box of microwave kettle corn.
Let's go over some first date dress basics. Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll have an idea you haven't already considered.
Any ideas on where you going on your first date?If you can, have a conversation with your date to find out where you're going. But be simple with your questions to make sure you dont' sound to controlling. This will help immeasurably, even if you can just get a sense of the formality of the occasion. A good tip is it's always better to be a little overdressed. We've all at some time or another ended up at the baseball game in a frilly, walk-in-the-park sundress, which beats hell out of going to see Itzhak Perlman wearing skateboarding pants (which happened to me once).
--Editors Tip ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Good Date Movies For At Home Dates If you are still on your first few dates with a guy or girl, stay away from the serious dramas, bloody action flicks, and overly sad romantic (mushy-gushy) movies. Try sticking with up-beat, light hearted movies that are in the romantic comedy genre. He'll enjoy the comedy and you can enjoy the little bit of romance. See a selection of recommended romantic comedies that are great for first dates or newly dating occassions. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Advice On Shoes: Comfortable vs. SexyFind out if you will be walking, and if so, how far. If the guy's at all exercise or nature oriented, double or triple the estimate he gives you and you'll probably come close to the truth. (And if he flat-out lies about how far the walk is, don't go out with him a second time. Use this estimate to choose the durability and support of your shoes, and if you aren't confident, pack along some cuter, (invariably less comfortable) shoes in a bag.
The Little Black Dating DressIf you're having the classic dinner date in a place created to impress women on first dates, the choice is simple. There is no substitute for the little black dress (known in fashion circles as LBD). If you don't have one of these must-haves, get out the catalogs, visit your favorite designer on-line and choose the version that suits you best. Add a purse, pumps and stole to match, and there you have it. For premium wearability, your LBD should be of medium length, and although the classic is sleeveless (meant to be worn with opera-length gloves), choose the sleeve length based on your comfort.
The little black dress saw Audrey Hepburn's character through most of "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and there's no reason why you shouldn't wear yours to parties, first dates and anytime you want to feel absolutely classic. Vary your jewelry and accessories, and you can wear it to work, for lunch in the park, shopping with the girls and dancing with the boys (or the other way 'round, if you prefer).
The Coffee or Lunch Day time DateIf your date has read the advice columns that say to take the pressure off by having a coffee date or a daytime date, you can expect to dress more casually. In this case, it doesn't much matter what you wear (as long as it's neat and put-together), because you already know they guy is either nervous or non-committal. In the first case, you can graciously put him at ease: in the second, you can keep him guessing.
Choice of the low-impact date does not indicate a man's potential as a long-term romance. Cheapskates and guys who aren't sure they want to "really" date will choose the daytime scenario because it's simple and cheap. They get exposure without investment. Nice guys and shy guys will choose this date because of its low-drama possibilities. They get to be with you without having to act like Cary Grant. Nice guys and shy guys will either up the ante or wait quietly in agony for you to express interest in seeing them again. Cheapskates will expect you to pay for your own coffee. Non-committal guys will say they'll call you, then won't.
I want to add an aside about the coffee comment above. I struggled with this question for years, and paid for a lot of coffee (and dated several cheapskates) until I figured out the flaw in the feminist tao. You see, feminists are expected to buy their own stuff, and sometimes the guy's stuff too, in order to show how liberated we really are. The mindset is, if you're going to be "freer" than non-feminists, you should expect to pay your own way. The fact is, if you adhere to this policy, you will be less free than other women because you will have less money. The other important fact to consider is that women still earn about 60% of what their male counterparts earn. Until we're paid equally, men should always buy the coffee.
There is a creepy idea (often unspoken, often assumed) that if a woman in not planning to become sexually involved with a man, she should pay half. If you ask me, that's selling sex pretty cheap. I say, forget all that crap and hang out with guys who don't have a problem buying your coffee and dinner or waiting until you're good and ready before making any moves on you. Besides all that, if you're dating because you're looking for a commitment, you want a guy who's going to be willing and able to pay on a mortgage, and later, for child support. His willingness to shell out $2.50 for a latte is a very slight indicator of his potential, but it's better than nothing.
Who Should Pay on the First Date? Guy vs. GirlAlthough you shouldn't expect to pay for things on a first date, bring along plenty of available funding. At least enough for cab fare home.
If you think he's the sincere type and you want to show that you like him (without saying anything scary like, "I like you"), you might add an element to your daytime-date outfit that you don't wear every day just to acknowledge that something nice is happening on this day. Wear a pair of pants one shade nicer than what you usually wear, or trade walking shoes for pumps. Don't make big changes in makeup, though. Men have definite feelings about and reactions to make-up, and if your face looks noticeably different, he will become frightened and disoriented.
Wedding and Special Occassion Party DatesPart of the way we judge a potential relationship is by the events we attend together. In straight relationships, going to a wedding with a date is an automatic increase in that relationship's potential intimacy, if the man has invited the woman along. If the woman invites the man and he's not ready for the commitment of witnessing someone else's commitment, he will either decline, bail at the last minute, or attend with great discomfort and break off the relationship soon after. In same or opposite-sex couples, asking someone to attend a wedding with you is a bold maneuver to be taken on only if you're sure your relationship is ready for it, or if you want the other person to break up with you. (A sit-com scenario. Someone asks a woman, "What do you say if you want to get rid of a guy?" Her answer: "I say, 'I love you and I want to have your babies'".
If you get asked to a wedding on a first date, you're either with a social inept, a potential stalker, someone who's been in love with you from afar for ten years, someone who thinks it'll be a good way to get laid, or someone who has nothing left to lose. For these reasons, I would not accept such a first date, eliminating the need for discussing what to wear at such a debacle.
Dates to Baseball or Sporting Event GamesJeans or chinos, a hat, layers, and bring a thick sweater if you live near the sea. Nothing too sexy, nothing that can't be washed if you have beer spilled on you or if you sit in gum.
The Sleaze Factor: Don't Dress Too SexyIt's tempting to dress as sexy as the magazine models, but in the harsh light of day or the romantic candlelight of evening, it rarely works out that way. Sexy has a way of turning sleazy when you least expect it. The artistry of dressing to impress means utilizing restraint, so save the micro-minis and see-through tops for those rumpus-filled evenings at home and opt for looking pretty in public.