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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Acne treatment

Acne treatment is a science that is progressing at a phenomenal rate. In the 80's and 90's the best acne treatment on offer were chemical-based products that worked for most cases. Some were very harsh on the skin, and some actually made the situation worse. In recent years, a switch to a natural acne treatment has seen far more positive results because scientists have been able to study closer how/why the acne is caused, and apply ingredients that actually correct the problem rather than mask it.
With this advance in research, acne home treatment has come to the fore. Instead of visiting a dermatologist for your acne skin treatment, you can simply buy an acne skin care treatment product from your local drug store, or better still, you can buy your acne treatment product / products online.
There are some important things to be aware of though when selecting your acne care treatment. First, a natural acne treatment program is usually the most preferable because they do not contain any chemicals and they do not have any side effects. Next, acne treatment skin care go hand-in-hand. That is, if you practice good skin care, then your acne treatment will be more successful. Third, acne care treatment programs are not overnight solutions. They typically start to show results in 1-2 weeks, and with changes to lifestyle habits and diet, should show long-term results in a matter of months.


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