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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What Causes Rosacea Symptoms and Skin Care Products

Rosacea Symptoms and Common CausesIf you have really red skin that flushes easily with your emotions, that reacts badly to spicy food or alcohol, that gets bumpy and acne breaks out along with being chronically too-red, you may have rosacea. The culprit is heredity: if your ancestral background is Nordic or Celtic or very Anglo, those fair-skinned genes may be causing your problem. Some ways of dealing with red skin include wearing the right makeup and moisturizers, avoiding spices and liquor in your diet, applying certain creams and lotions and some cosmetic procedures that target the problem under the skin.
Learn to Avoid Your Rosacea Trigger to Help Your SkinIf your skin is mostly just red and flushy without breaking out or getting bumpy, the best thing you can do for it is keep it cool and keep it covered. Some people get more flushed when they’re eating or drinking hot things, like tea, soup or spicy-hot foods. One chronically flushed friend of mine said that whenever she has a hot drink, she also gets ice water on the side, and she alternates sips of hot with sips of cold. A dermatologist I recently spoke with advocates keeping a mister with you all the time. Fill it with Evian water and mist your face every hour or two throughout the day. She swears by it.
How to Protect Rosacea Prone Skin with the Proper TreatmentsOnce you have a plan for keeping your skin cool, focus on keeping it covered. This means more than wearing a hat in the sun! It means buying and wearing sunblock, not sunscreen. The difference between the two is important: sunscreen lets light through. Sunblock prevents light from getting in. Look for products containing zinc oxide, the best sunblock known. Make sure you get your face and neck thoroughly covered with sunblock, even if you’re just driving down to the mall. You can get sun exposure just sitting in the car. And even once you’re wearing sunblock each and every day, wear that hat, too.
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Using the Right Skin Care Products and Makeup is Essential for Controling Your Rosacea Symtoms If you skin is prone to rosacea or rosacea acne you must use only the most gentle skin care products you can find, which sometimes requires visiting a specialty store or online retailer that specializes in rosacea products. Common skin care and cosmetic ingredients that should be avoided, according to a study done by the National Rosacea Society, are alcohols, witch hazel, fragrances, menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus.
If a skin care or makeup product burns after application - STOP using it immediately. Even a slight burning sensation is your body's way of telling you that it doesn't like the cream, makeup, etc. that you are using. You should also never extensively rub or exfoliate your rosacea prone skin since this can cause even further irritation.
I have taken the time to search the internet for a qualified online retailer of rosacea skin care products. See a variety of rosacea skin care makeup products (Search Help: Visit the link and click on Skin Conditions > Rosacea to see the list of rosacea friendly products). -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rosacea Skin Care Creams, Makeup and ProductsA recent breakthrough in skincare is the use of green or white tea extract. You can take green tea extract internally, and it’s being added to weight-loss supplements, vitamins and snacks because research suggests that chemicals in green and white tea can enhance your metabolism. But for rosacea and other skincare, green tea extract with added caffeine works to reduce the effects of sun exposure. The dermatologist I visited gave me a sample of a cream used by her clientele, and I took it home. It’s called Replenix, and it has green tea, chamomile and cucumber extracts in a soothing lotion base. It’s sort of a beige color (from the high content of tea extract), and has a very light scent, and with its mediceutical- Baby-Boomer name, I didn’t know what to expect.
This morning, I hadn’t put on any moisturizer yet, because I went to check my email right after my shower, and I kind of got caught up in things. My skin was definitely feeling on the crispy side, but when I rubbed the Replenix in, I was amazed by how great it feels going on. It’s smooth, not oily or caky or gloppy at all. It soaked right in, and my face feels totally soft and smooth. Is it silk or velvet? I can’t decide! I’m going to buy a jugful of this stuff...


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